iOS 14 Update Released | Check New Features and Changes !

iOS 14 updates the core experience on iPhone, includes significant app updates, and other new features.All-new widgetsRedesigned widgets can be placed right on the Home ScreenSmall, medium and large widget sizes allow you to pick the amount of information to displayWidget stacks make the most of your Home Screen space and the Smart Stack uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget at the right timeWidget gallery includes all available widgets to browse and choose fromRedesigned Apple widgets for Weather, Clock, Calendar, News, Maps, Fitness, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, Music, TV, Tips, Notes, Shortcuts, Battery, Screen Time, Files, Podcasts, and Siri SuggestionsApp LibraryThe App Library automatically organizes all of your apps into categoriesThe Suggestions category uses on-device intelligence to show apps you’re likely to be looking for based on factors like time of day or locationThe Recently Added category shows apps that were recently downloaded from the App Store, as …

How to Create Gmail Account Without Using Mobile Number !

How to Create Gmail Account Without Using Mobile Number !
First go to your mobile settings Then select accounts Click on google Then here add on account Then create a new account Put First Name and Last Name Click on NextThen It Will ask mail I’d name put you’re name Then click next Here asking add mobile number just scroll down and there showing skip and Yes I’m in Just Click on Skip Then it will go next page Privacy and terms  click Agree ! yahoo ! you’re account successfully created Enjoy 😊 Note : This Method only for educational purposes only don’t use illegal activities if you do that you will definitely caught !
you can watch this method in video click on this link and watch it 👇🏻

How To Enlarge Pictures Without Loosing Resolution !

How To Enlarge Pictures Without Loosing Resolution 
Sometimes you get a photo from the Internet that is too small and won’t look good in your post. Or you want a better resolution because it’s gonna be printed. The solution is to enlarge the photo. To do this I’ll show you a site that does it for free without signing up.
Upload your photo or paste the URL.
After that, slide the button to your right to make it bigger.
Your choice of percentage or dimension, then click enlarge and download it.
Don’t expect miracles, but it’s a very good service.

 👉🏻  Image Resizer

How to resize an image?1. Click on the "Select Image" button to select a an image.2. Enter the new width and height in pixels, inches, cm, or as a percentage of the original.3. Click the "Resize Image Now" button to resize the image.How to crop an image?1. Click on the "Select Image" button to select an image.2. Click the "Crop" tab from the top menu bar.3. Use your mouse to draw a cro…

Beautiful Village Rice Farming Place At Kandi Katkur | Sai Media Works | Saiprasanna Nakka

Village Natural Beautiful Rice Farming Place At Kandi Katkur 
Shot : iPhone 7         Captured By :     Saiprasanna Nakka Location : Kandi Katkur  Subscribe YouTube Channel 👉🏻 Sai Media Works

Good Morning Super Sunshine Shot || Sai Media Works || © Saiprasanna Nakka


Cool Morning Clicks || WinterSeason || Sunrise || Cool Weather || Sai Media Works || © Saiprasanna Nakka

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock In Android ? 👇🏻